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“Where the Animal Spirit Meets the Human Potential”

Welcome to the Atlantic headquarters and home of BodyTalk Nova Scotia — Namaste Esperanza Integrated Wellness Retreat.

What is BodyTalk?

What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is an astonishingly simple and effective holistic therapy that allows the body’s energy systems to be re-synchronized so they can operate as nature intended. BodyTalk stimulates the body’s innate ability to balance and heal itself on all levels. Read more…

So you’ve booked your BodyTalk course, now what? Namaste Nova is a fully integrated retreat center designed to accommodate and accelerate your learning experience. Namaste provides every student with a warm and nurturing place to learn, opportunities to connect with like minds, a bounty of fresh, lovingly prepared home-cooked meals, and a comfortable bed at the end of the day.

At Namaste we’ve created a course package that is designed just for you. It will help you keep costs affordable and allow students and teachers to stay within the energy of the course and each other. So book your stay today!


Be certain to contact us directly and inquire about your special course rate! Prices are per person and include:

  • Clean, comfortable, well-appointed shared accommodations [dorm style]
  • Three freshly prepared, locally grown home-cooked meals per day [including snacks]

Note: A fully completed accommodation form and a non-refundable deposit of $175.00 [equivalent to one night’s stay] are required upon booking. 


Not staying overnight but would like to share a meal with us? Choose your dining options and create your own experience.

  • Breakfast: $15.00 + tx.
  • Lunch: $20.00 + tx.
  • Dinner: $30.00 + tx.

Additional Information

  • Rooms are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Due to spatial constraints, single rooms will not be offered during courses.
  • Couples may book a double room, depending on availability, so you must inquire ahead of time.
  • Coming for the course and not the night? Choose from our dining options.
  • Enjoy the outdoor pool and hot tub [unsupervised].
  • Please keep in mind that your rate includes three meals per day. Package rates will not be adjusted.
  • Vegetarian meals and special diets are available upon request ahead of time.
  • For our out-of-town guests, airport shuttle can be arranged upon request. The price is $30 each way.

Cancellation Policy

  • Notice of cancellation is required a minimum of 48 hours prior to arrival.
  • If notice of cancellation is not provided, reservation credit card will be charged $175 (one night’s accommodation)

Accommodations & Fare


At Namaste Esperanza we believe in the power of the shared experience. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Metal & Wood are the elements that come together to make up beautiful, well-appointed rooms at Namaste Esperanza.

Each room is infused with the energies of its element and is designed with comfort, convenience and community in mind.

Namaste Esperanza is a shared experience so each suite comfortably accommodates up to 6 people. Each of our rooms is furnished with well-spaced captain beds, individual lamps and an en-suite bathroom. Large windows look out upon the farm in all directions and allow you to enjoy a sunrise or sunset from the comfort of your own room.

View all of our accommodations

Namaste Nova … A Shared Experience!

We call it the Container Principle. There are numerous contexts and explanations of the Container Principle, but our favourite interpretation most resembles that of the Shambala Buddhists:

“The container principle is the idea that the environment you establish or find yourself in informs your experience and can influence or even give rise to an outcome.”

Namaste Esperanza helps shape and inform personal experiences and assists in giving rise to miraculous outcomes.

At Namaste Esperanza we are all space holders. Our small staff is dedicated to our own evolution and healing, which enables us to better facilitate and assist the often colossal personal changes that our guests undergo.

This is a place where strangers come together with a common goal and are able to feel safe to share their most intimate selves with one another. We create a space of unconditional love, trust and community, which ultimately gives rise to profound shifts individually and within the group. As one shifts, so do the rest.

We have found that the emotional/spiritual container we provide expedites profound personal change in group members. When a person attends a course at Namaste, a quickening occurs. It’s not long before a deep well of trust is experienced which supports and assists in the releasing of all that is outdated, obstructive and ready to be shed. We call this space ‘heart space’.

Heart space is a space of love, compassion and understanding, a place in which it is safe to expose and transform—the perfect supportive environment for deep personal learning and inner growth. The sanctuary of heart space becomes that much more imperative for individuals involved in courses which call for self honesty and the courage to shine light on deep-seated belief systems and emotional patterns.

At Namaste, it is our honour to provide such a place of understanding and compassion, a place where people come together to unravel the mystery of themselves.

The Fare

Namaste Esperanza prides itself in offering freshly prepared, locally sourced home-cooked fare. Your course package includes three meals a day, which are served up to you hot and tempting.

A day’s menu might consist of the following. For breakfast, freshly baked goods, seasonal fruit, hot or cold cereal, French toast, pancakes, sausages, bacon, eggs, toast, hot coffee & tea. Lunch often offers tuna melts, egg salad, home made pizzas, burritos with fresh salsas, stir-frys, homemade macaroni & cheese, cold cuts, home-made soups, fresh vegetables, a variety of salads and of course dessert! Dinners can be anything from fish to pork, beef to chicken or pasta. All are served with freshly prepared salads and locally sourced vegetables. To finish off your gastronomic adventure be sure to try one or many of Namaste’s desserts. There are always fresh and delicious delectable’s on hand!

NOTE: If you would prefer a vegetarian menu or if you have food sensitivities, allergies or restrictions, please do let us know prior to your arrival. We will be happy to work with you to create a menu that suits your needs.

Pre & Post Travel Ideas

So you’re coming in from out of town or province or country and are interested in staying on a little longer? Or maybe you’re arriving early and want to soak up some quiet time before the bustle of your course begins? What you may not know is that Nova Scotia is Canada’s ocean playground.

Just 15 minutes from the highest tides in the world, the Fundy Shore, 30 minutes from the heart of the lush Annapolis Valley and 45 minutes from the downtown hum of the city of Halifax, Namaste Esperanza is perfectly situated so that you may soak in all that Nova Scotia has to offer!

Build your own Nova Scotia adventure by visiting for a bounty of travel and destination ideas!