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“Several years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Kelley Burry in a Module 1 and 2 class I was teaching in Halifax, NS. Her bright, curious eyes followed me around the classroom, sometimes with hesitation and sometimes with understanding and relief. From the moment I met her I knew she was going to do great things and accomplish what she set out to do. During my time there, I also learned of her dream to open a retreat centre in Nova Scotia. Within a few short years Kelley went from virtually no previous health care training to becoming an Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner.

Our relationship deepened when Kelley approached me to train as a Certifed BodyTalk Instructor. Kelley is a hard worker with admirable determination. To get anything ‘new’ off the ground it can take a lot of hard work and can be a long, slow investment. BodyTalk would not be in the Maritimes if it were not for Kelley. She welcomed us with open arms and was willing to stand through the tough times.

Shortly after she graduated as a CBI, Kelley along with her husband Don, opened an amazing retreat centre. It is called Nameste Nova Integrated Wellness Retreat and it is absolutely gorgeous, and a perfect place for BodyTalk seminars. They are a full service country inn retreat that offers cozy accommodation and mouth watering meals. This is a place to go if you want to immerse yourself in health and healing, in a supportive way. Kelley has a knack for organizing and running a course in a way that makes it comfortable, smooth, and safe for all. She pays attention to detail it shows.”
– Amanda Rollefstad


“I had only just heard of Body Talk when I took the Body Talk Access workshop with Kelley Burry. I was intrigued with this alternative therapy technique and wanted to learn more about it, to see whether there was an opportunity to use it in work with disenfranchised teens. The one day workshop provided a beginning understanding, an introduction which has whetted my appetite to learn more, whether I use the technique to enhance my own health, or the health of others.

Staying at Kelley’s Namaste Nova Integrated Wellness Retreat added greatly to the experience. The setting is lovely, the facilities comfortable, and Kelley and her family hospitable and generous in answering my questions, even during meal times! I look forward to my next opportunity to return.”
– Johanna Bertin MSW, RSWSmithfield, NB


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