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Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Metal & Wood are the elements that come together to make up beautiful, well appointed rooms at Namaste Esperanza Wellness Retreat. Each room is designed with comfort, convenience and community in mind, infused with the energies of the elements…. Namaste Esperanza Wellness Retreat is a shared experience so each room is designed to comfortably accommodate up to 6 people per suite. Each of our rooms are furnished with well spaced captain beds, individual lamps, night tables, en-suite bathrooms and large windows that look out upon the farm in all directions allowing you to enjoy a sunrise or sunset right from the comfort of your own room.

Room # 1: Fire Room

Burnt orange is the colour of the Fire Room. South is the direction of the Element Fire and the Power of Action. Fire energy is the energy of life and is characterized by its ability to give off warmth and attract others. According to Chinese five elements fire energy is romantic, idealistic, enthusiastic and emotional and is characterized by self-expression, empathy, optimism, extroversion, passion, belief and sociability.

Room # 2: Air Room

Warm rose is the colour of the Air Room. East is the direction of the Element Air and the Power of Mind. Air is the mental dimension and the thinking realm. Logical rational and detached by nature, open-minded and non-judgmental, friendly and sociable are all characteristics of the air element. Air expresses the ability to intellectualize and to love and appreciate the differences in all people.

Room # 3: Earth Room

Moss Green is the colour of the Earth Room. North is the direction of the Element Earth and the Power of the Body. Earth is the physical dimension and the sensing realm and is characterized by solitude, privacy, introspection, philosophy, mystery, truth and honesty. Earth personalities are forgiving, compassionate, tolerant and caring. Kinship and companionship with others are essential for your health and happiness.

Room # 4: Water Room

Deep blue is the colour of the Water Room. West is the direction of the Element Water and the Power of Emotions. Water is the emotional dimension and the feeling realm and is characterized by solitude, privacy, introspection, philosophy, mystery, truth and honesty. Water types often have a spiritual focus in life and are curious about the underlying mechanics of the world. In Chinese five elements, water types are resourceful and single-minded, flowing over problems like a river.

Room # 5: Wood Room

Warm taupe is the colour of the Wood Room. Wood energy is constantly in motion, driven to grow and expand like the green shoots bursting forth in spring. You appreciate being firmly grounded with deep roots at home. A person with a predominantly “wood” personality seeks new challenges and adventures. Leadership, assertiveness, creativity, planning, decision-making, competitiveness are all qualities of wood energy.

Room # 6: Metal Room

Steel blue is the colour of the Metal Room. Metal is characterized by exceptional strength and endurance. Metal types are often creative and seek out the highest aspirations of life in their work and art. You are precise and tranquil, yet adaptable to changing circumstances and you are drawn to the core issues in life, seeking to develop your character through a clear understanding and pursuit of ethics, morality, and the higher truths of art, philosophy and religion. Precision, meticulousness, logic, analysis, moderation, self-control and morality are all qualities of metal energy.

Room # 7: Tack Room Oasis

High up on the hill, tucked away in the barn and overlooking the main house and Northern pasture is Namaste Esperanza Wellness Retreat’s only double room. Warm and inviting this room is imbued with a sense of rustic comfort and will appeal to the horse lover in you. This room boasts a comfortable double bed, a bounty of warm bedding and a three piece private en-suite bathroom. If you’re looking for a quiet private place to retire to, our Oasis is pure pleasure.