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About the Namaste Esperanza Integrated Wellness Retreat

Horses and Rugby

The Property

Namaste Esperanza Wellness Retreat is a 100 yr. old renovated rustic farm house in the quaint county of Newport, N.S. High up on the ridge of the property at the end of a gently sloping gravel roadway and overlooking the main house is a newly constructed barn that houses Kelley’s four horses. Also, there is a round pen and the foundation ready for the development of a future indoor riding arena.

The topography is comprised of complex sloping hills, dense forest and deep veins of fresh running spring water that run throughout the property. Towering trees of American Beech, Elm, Linden, Red Oak, Pine, Spruce, Sugar Maple, White Ash and White Pine are home to the populations of Beaver, Striped Skunk, American Mink, Raccoon, Red Fox, Eastern Coyote, Black Bears, White Tailed Deer, Porcupine, Brown and Hoary bats to name but a few.

An holistic approach was taken in regard to the property development; a Geothermal system heats and cools each building providing a natural source of climate control with future plans to install a solar paneling system to further reduce the property’s footprint. Utmost care has been taken to manage the development of their property in a manner which is conscious and shows consideration for future agricultural development and sustainability. The mandate is to preserve and continue to enhance the unique agricultural characteristics of the property and surrounding area for generations to come.

The Animals

One cannot talk about Namaste Esperanza Wellness Retreat without mentioning the animals that share the property. The dogs, three cats,  four horses and a alpaca are all skilled and highly intuitive energy workers. The animals offer up their unique personalities and healing capabilities to everyone who visits the retreat and they are happy and willing participants when called upon to join a treatment, class or session. Each one has their own special brand of healing gifts and each a strong ability to sense the needs of the clients.

The animals play very important roles in the dynamics of the Burry family and their community and the furry inhabitants are always happy and willing to share their extraordinary brand of love and wisdom to assist, whether in session or if you just need a comforting friend at the end of the day.

Please note: We encourage you to spend time with the animals on the property.

Favorit: is a German bred, Grand Prix School Master Dressage horse. Favorit most resembles an English gentleman; proper, reserved, distinguished, reliable, stoic and ever so talented.

Granby: Granby most resembles the gypsy in the crowd; her unknown lineage lends mystery to her character. She is  fiery, confident, versatile, head-strong yet ever so patient. The Burry’s adopted Granby after their daughter Emma, fell in love.

The Felines: Zeus, Delila and Sammy  prevail over the household. Deeply intuitive, sensitive, social and loving the cats add their own unique perspectives and personalities to farm life. Zeus occupies the barn, and will make his presence known if he feels he is needed.